A highly qualified and motivated team

  • Executive team made up of professionals with strong specialisation and extensive experience
  • Led by managers with over three decades of business experience
  • Our own engineering, design and production teams
  • Most are graduates and highly qualified technicians

More than 2,000 m2 of state-of-the-art facilities

  • In Seville, Europe’s third aerospace hub
  • Main headquarters at Aerópolis, the first aerospace technology park in Southern Europe
  • High-speed 3D manufacturing with laser probing for reproducing originals (reverse engineering)
  • Two machining centres for precision engraving, including cylindrical and 3D engraving
  • 30W laser engraving and cutting machine
  • Ovens for assembly of electronic SMD components
  • 3000x2000x200 and 850x650x400 workbenches
  • Large offices and client care areas

Radio-spectrometry laboratories

  • Two metrology laboratories with N.I.S.T. certification
  • Latest technology for monitoring and certification of NVIS panels and equipment
  • Specifically designed for radio-spectrometry tests

Painting and surface treatment rooms

  • Two booths for painting and treatment of products
  • Capacity for treating diverse products and HMI solutions
  • Designed to ensure low levels of contamination and optimal conditions during the procedure