Grabysur has the knowledge and technology required for the design and manufacture of all types of HMI systems.

Thanks to its experience and specialisation, it has become a European leader in this technology in aviation, naval and land sectors, offering advanced technological solutions.

  • Design and development of customised HMI systems and devices
  • Specialisation in aerospace, naval and land sectors
  • Leaders in illuminated panels and conversion of night vision systems (NVIS) in Southern Europe
  • More than 30 years of business experience
  • Tier One supplier to major manufacturing companies
  • Involved in the largest aerospace, naval and land programmes


Commitment to R&D+i and differentiation towards products with greater added value has been a constant in Grabysur’s evolution and business history, and it constitutes one of the pillars of its business and technological growth.

Today, engineering represents around 30% of our business and workforce, and this commitment has allowed us to extend the reach of our abilities from design to the manufacture of customised solutions for our clients.

  • Our own R&D+i department
  • Annual investment of 10% of turnover
  • Diversification in HMI systems
  • Projects and areas of collaboration with universities and technology companies


At Grabysur we develop products that meet the strict quality criteria present in the aeronautical, naval and military industry, working in under the sector’s key certifications and regulations.

  • Fully compliant with regulations for military and civil sectors
  • Certified in design and manufacturing processes
  • Excellence and expert knowledge
  • Adaptation to the client’s needs and requirements
  • Involvement with each project in order to provide the most efficient solution
  • Continuous control and monitoring of the quality of our supply chain


A well-executed job and the guarantee of on-time delivery are identifying traits of our business, which has allowed us to gain our client’s trust and to consolidate our growth.

  • Management of the entire product lifecycle: design, manufacture, integration and repair
  • 0% rejection
  • 99% of deliveries on time
  • All the designs and processes are carried out in-house
  • Compliance with requirements regarding approved suppliers and materials
  • Mutual trust and satisfaction with our clients and suppliers