Grabysur launches the first backlighting-compatible silicone keypad that is custom-made and without minimum order for both military and civil industry

Grabysur has just launched the first backlighting-compatible silicone keypad, resistant to extreme environmental conditions, which is 100% customizable and has no minimum order for both civil and military industry. This illuminated silicone keypad, applicable in the naval, terrestrial and aerospace sectors and, in general, in any sector in which there is exposure to extreme environmental [...]

2018-11-19T12:37:11+01:0020 October 2017|

Meet us at AIRTEC 2017 and know everything we can do for you

Grabysur, one of the few companies specialized in night vision in Europe and Tier One Supplier of major manufacturers like Airbus, will participate, for the first time, in AIRTEC 2017, one of the reference business meetings in the international aerospace sector to be held on 24 to October 26 in Toulouse, meeting point of large [...]

2018-11-19T12:37:13+01:0020 October 2017|

The feature that makes our custom knobs unique

At Grabysur we have a wide range of products available to large customers such as Airbus: illuminated panels, simulators, integrated control panels and knobs. The latter have a peculiar characteristic of which we are very proud. Thanks to our technology and resources we can manufacture knobs for switches and rotary potentiometers, starting from your own [...]

2018-11-19T12:37:18+01:0017 October 2017|

Why does the market choose our illuminated panels?

Each year, hundreds of illuminated cockpit panels are manufactured by Grabysur. Although our current portfolio of services brings together many more products, our company continues to be largely associated with illuminated panels, particularly night vision panels. Why does the market choose our panels? We have asked ourselves this question and these are some conclusions that [...]

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Three reasons why you should follow us on social networks

We love social networks. These tools allow us to share with the world a huge amount of very interesting content and to know better those people who support us and read us daily. Many people are already following us on social networks, and today we want to encourage you to do it, too. Why [...]

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The presence of Grabysur in Le Bourget attracts the attention of specialized media

Under our new slogan: "Your HMI partner", Grabysur attended the Paris Air Show - Le Bourget which took place in mid-June to present our new HMI products and solutions. In this event, attended by the main companies of the aerospace and aeronautical sector, Grabysur presented its integrated control panels, Knobs, equipment and components for simulators, [...]

2018-11-19T12:37:21+01:0026 June 2017|

Going to Le Bourget with our range of HMI solutions

Our company will present its range of HMI solutions at the 2017 Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, which will be held in Paris from 19 to 25 June. Integrated control panels, knobs, products for simulators, on-board equipment and repairs, etc. The extensive range of HMI solutions will be presented at the event, which is [...]

2018-11-19T12:37:22+01:0012 May 2017|

Focused to the naval and land sector

Leaders in illuminated panels and NVIS transformation in the South of Europe, Tier One supplier of Airbus and regular provider of large subcontractors, our firm is well known in the aerospace sector, where it is associated with rigor, quality and compliance requirements. With this background, our company has successfully entered into the naval and land [...]

2018-11-19T12:37:23+01:0024 April 2017|

Your HMI partner: our new strategic position

New business developments have encouraged us to change the company’s position, and to project it as a company that specialises in all kinds of HMI services and products. In fact, “Your HMI partner” is our new slogan, which highlights our company's ability to manage the entire product lifecycle: from the design all the way down [...]

2018-11-19T12:37:24+01:006 April 2017|

Continue to diversify in order to continue advancing

Grabysur is committed to the design and manufacture of ICPs (Integrated Control Panels), DKUs (Digital Keyboard Units), bezels and control units, among other navigation systems. These are the services that are expected to grow most within the strategy of diversification for growth. They are also services that demonstrate the growing importance of engineering in our [...]

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