Declaration concerning Conflict-Free minerals

GRABYSUR is a company committed to ethics, social and environmental responsibility, and respect for Human Rights, basic values for the development of a better world.

On this basis, GRABYSUR supports the end of violence and respect for environment, and is concerned about the human rights abuses that may be associated with extracting, trading, handling and exporting minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”) and adjoining countries. GRABYSUR is a company that is concerned with the trade of this kind of minerals and metals (mainly tantalum, tin, and tungsten), and gold since they are used in its products, markets and final customers that it works with.

As a result of this commitment, GRABYSUR has established with its suppliers and partners the best practices compliance and the request of certifications so the purchases and supplies of minerals and materials used in our products do not come from this region at war.

GRABYSUR does not purchase materials containing minerals that are used to finance directly or indirectly armed groups in the DRC or its adjoining countries. Likewise, it expects all its suppliers to comply with these requirements and that the supply of materials will only be carried out from responsible sources and companies that do not support these types of causes and comply with respect for human rights.

Within this commitment, GRABYSUR also supports the actions that governments, authorities and competent organizations carry out in order to increase transparency in the supply chain of these materials which allows companies to obtain conflict-free minerals