We love social networks. These tools allow us to share with the world a huge amount of very interesting content and to know better those people who support us and read us daily. Many people are already following us on social networks, and today we want to encourage you to do it, too.

Why should you follow Grabysur on social networks? Although there are many reasons, these are, without a doubt, the three main ones:

  1. Because you will know us much better: we are a company with 23 employees, which makes us a large (very large) family with many stories to tell. If you want to know them you can find us on Twitter.
  1. All our products at a glance: we also talk about our products (no SPAM, promised!). You will be able to see photos of the components and equipment that are installed in the airplanes, submarines and tanks and their production process, it is very interesting!
  2. The most interesting news of the sector: in Grabysur we like to stay up to date with everything that happens in the aerospace, naval, land and defence sector, but what we really like is to share it with the world. In our networks you can access the most interesting information of the sector.

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