The company has just signed with the European Commission the Grant Agreement of the FANVIS project (Development of new optical absorption Filters for Application in Night Vision Imaging Systems), which was approved in the last SME Instrument phase 1 call.

A total of 2,111 proposals were submitted to this call, of which 244 have been approved, with only 3 of them corresponding to Andalusian companies (Grabysur among them).

The FANVIS project is the result of a previous R&D project funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) in which Grabysur is developing an absorbent filter type Green-A compatible with Night Vision Systems (NVIS) that improves the technical characteristics of the current solutions. All illuminated panels on cockpits in land/sea/air vehicles must integrate compatible filters with NVIS to allow the use of Night Vision Goggles. These optical filters, developed in collaboration with the University of Cadiz, would be suitable not only for aircraft, vehicles, boats, simulators, but also for other civil systems (personal equipment, radios, drones, laptops, tablets, etc.).

Currently, the suppliers of this type of filters are scarce and impose their unilateral sales conditions on the manufacturers, integrators, adapters and repairers of NVIS equipment, and they also have exclusive know-how for the manufacture of this type of products. Most of these suppliers come from outside the European Union market (mainly from the USA and Japan), which means that the commercialization of these FANVIS filters will shorten the delivery times of the products, reduce costs and make more versatile the manufacturing of the final product adapting it to the particular needs of each client, in addition to not being technologically dependent on the current suppliers.