Each year, hundreds of illuminated cockpit panels are manufactured by Grabysur. Although our current portfolio of services brings together many more products, our company continues to be largely associated with illuminated panels, particularly night vision panels.

Why does the market choose our panels? We have asked ourselves this question and these are some conclusions that we have reached:

  • Because we are Airbus Tier One supplier for this Technology for a very long time.
  • Because we sell to other large subcontractors and in our client portfolio, besides Airbus, there are companies and institutions such as Sintersa, Indra, Carbures, General Dynamics, Air Force, Airbus Helicopters, Cassidian, Navantia or Elimco.
  • Because we have been doing this for fifteen years and improving our Technology.
  • Because our illuminated panels have a high quality finish.
  • Because they can be customized.
  • Because power and output signals are 100% customizable, as well as the colour of the front and the illuminated configuration, which can be done with LED (TYPE VII), incandescent lamp (TYPE V) and EL (TYPE VI) of low power consumption (<50 mA @ 28vdc).
  • Because we also offer the possibility of reverse engineering to suit your needs.
  • For our 99% on-time delivery (AOG).
  • Because all our panels can be NVIS compatible.
  • Because they comply with all the standards and rules set out in the aerospace, naval and land sectors, such as MIL-DTL-6363, MIL-DTL-7788, MIL-STD-3009 and MIL-L-85762A, DO-160 and MIL-STD-810.