Grabysur has just launched the first backlighting-compatible silicone keypad, resistant to extreme environmental conditions, which is 100% customizable and has no minimum order for both civil and military industry.

This illuminated silicone keypad, applicable in the naval, terrestrial and aerospace sectors and, in general, in any sector in which there is exposure to extreme environmental conditions, is IP65 certified, one of the most demanding protection standards of the industry, which guarantees resistance and watertightness against agents such as water or dust. As with the rest of our HMI solutions, from Grabysur we take care of the complete product cycle, so that we design, industrialize and manufacture the Keypad entirely at our facilities in Aerópolis, Seville.

Also, as with knobs, ICPs, DKUs, Bezels and control units that we already have on the market, we manufacture the new Custom Keypads in a completely personalized way, without a minimum order volume, thus adapting to the specific needs of each customer both in terms of design features and number of units, which also opens up a significant part of the business in refurbishing (repairs).

The R&D team of Grabysur has been working for a year to also manufacture other products in our portfolio of HMI solutions in silicone. Silicone is one of the best materials to manufacture devices that have to withstand adverse environmental conditions, since, unlike other synthetic materials such as plastic, it resists better exposure to sunlight, humidity, pressure, substances chemical or dust, keeping their chemical and physical characteristics unchanged for longer, which improves the durability and resistance of the products.