ADA-ITS is an aeronautical training center, the first in Andalusia for graduate students and number of aircraft available. This center counts on a Higher Degree in Aeronautics in the specialties of Aeromechanics and Avionics, which the new alliance between Grabysur and this educational entity is addressed to.

The signing of this collaboration agreement will allow Grabysur to contribute its expertise in the assembly and maintenance of electronic devices, control panels and all types of HMI elements that are part of aircraft and ground vehicles.

On the other hand, thanks to this agreement, students from the ADA-ITS center will take part in an internship program at our facilities to learn first-hand about the work we carry out every day as a company in the aeronautical and defense sector.

Javier Fernández-Montes, president of Fundación ICADA, states he feels “very happy and honored with this new alliance. Grabysur is a disruptive organization model in which innovation, intelligent leadership, diversity and a growth mindset are promoted. A company that is based on talent, but above all on a high capacity of work.”

For Fernando Besa, president of Grabysur, “this new collaboration will allow us to create enriching synergies between both entities. We are delighted that ADA-ITS, a pioneering center in Andalusia in aeronautical training, to count on the expertise and knowledge of Grabysur for the training of future generations.”