At Grabysur we have a wide range of products available to large customers such as Airbus: illuminated panels, simulators, integrated control panels and knobs. The latter have a peculiar characteristic of which we are very proud.

Thanks to our technology and resources we can manufacture knobs for switches and rotary potentiometers, starting from your own design or by taking sample data or images. We can manufacture them mechanically or by 3D printing, illuminated or without backlighting, acrylic or metallic and completely customizable. However, the true differential factor of the knobs we manufacture at Grabysur is that there is no minimum order. Yes, as it sounds. Our custom knobs have no minimum quantity.

What does that mean? That if you want to acquire a single knob you can do it, even if it is custom. Thanks to our technology we can adapt to the needs of your project to offer you high quality materials and components without sacrificing functionality and price.