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Security and Quality Policy

July 7th, 2017

GRABYSUR Management recognizes the importance of Aerospace Safety and Quality in its products: HMI, illuminated panels, equipment and instruments for aircraft, as well as technical support, maintenance and repair services offered to its customers. Therefore, our workforce is aware of the level of excellence required to achieve this vital goal: “Keep Safety and Quality at a high level”. This commitment is demonstrated in each of our strategic lines of action:

  1. To guarantee safety and quality of the product or service through compliance with all procedures, rules and safety and quality standards in all phases of project management.
  2. To guarantee the compliance with agreed deadlines while maintaining quality and safety levels established.
  3. To optimize and make good use of resources while maintaining quality and safety of products and services.
  4. To enhance the experience of our professionals by developing their skills through a continuous training plan that emphasizes the importance of the human factor.
  5. To be dynamic in processes that allow to effectively meet the needs and expectations of our clients.
  6. To keep an organizational structure that guarantees quality and safety through continuous improvement.
  7. To walk through the Path of Excellence with Ethics, Responsibility and good work.