An excellence-oriented management addressed to provide the company with very differentiating industrial and design capabilities that have given Grabysur relevance in the aerospace sector, one of the keys valued by the 62 companies that are part of the cluster and that have chosen our CEO Paz Gutiérrez for this award.

Andalucía Aerospace has also highlighted Grabysur’s support for the aerospace sector in Andalusia. The company has participated in the events calendar in Seville because of its  presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities,  and it has sponsored the airline operations leaders world summit held in the Andalusian capital last December.

The award ceremony took place after the celebration of the Andalucia Aerospace General Assembly, which has taken stock of the objectives achieved in 2019 and the new coming challenges for this year.

Paz Gutiérrez began working for Grabysur as an independent professional in 1998. In 2012 she was appointed financial director. Since June 2014 she holds the position of Executive Director at Grabysur.